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If 'N I Was God

(Richard Sherman / Robert Sherman)
Lead vocals : Michael Jackson
Produced by Bob Crewe

Recorded 1973 at the Motown Recording Studio, Los Angeles, California.

Album Version (from "Lookin' Back To Yesterday") 3:02
Original 1973 Mix with slightly different alternate vocals (from "The Very Best Of Michael Jackson" 4:04

Original version by Bobby Goldsboro,
Album "Summer, the first time" (1973)


Lyrics / Paroles

If'n I was God
Well, just for spite
I wouldn’t set the sun at night
’Til everyone was treated right
By everyone else they see

If’n I was God
I’d fix it so without explaining
Folks would know
They’d know what’s going on inside
Of everyone else like me

Nobody hurt nobody else
Oh, No, I wouldn’t let it be
Nobody have a need to pray
Except for thanking me

If n I was God
I’d make us wise
So everyone could realize
That everywhere beneath the sun
Everyone needs everyone
And, God, that ain’t half
What I would do
If ’n I were you

Oh, yeah

If ’n I was God
I’d make us wise
Everybody touch everybody’s hand

Oh, yeah

Reach out and touch
Somebody’s hand
You got to love everybody, yeah