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Touch The One You Love

(A. Wayne / G. Clinton)
Lead vocals : Michael Jackson
Arranged by James Anthony Carmichael
Produced by Mel Larson & Jerry Marcellino

Recorded June 14, 1973 at the Motown Recording Studios, Los Angeles, California.

Remixed Version (from "Farewell My Summer Love") 2:47



Lyrics / Paroles

If I had a penny for everytime
I didn't hold your hand
If I had a nickel for everytime
I didn't understand

I'd be the world poorest millionaire
'Cause you're not there
And no one ever told me
What you're willing do

If I had only reach out
I might still be touching you
You got to touch the one you love
If you want the one you love to touch you
(You've got, you've gotta to touch
You gotta touch the one who loves you)

Would get embarrased for every time
I've moved and make you cry
You get sentimental, and
I would never know the reason why

I hold the world sings
Making for my selfish pride
Is it really over
When I get close to you

I only want to show you
That i'm learning a thing or two
If you want the one you love
If you want the one you love to touch
You got to....

[repeat to fade]