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A Fool For You

(Ray Charles)

Lead vocals : Michael Jackson
Background Vocals : The Jackson 5

Produced by Bobby Taylor

Recorded February 12, 1970, at the Motown's Hitsville Studio, Detroit, Michigan.


Get It Together Album Version (from "Soulsation !") 4:34

Original version by Ray Charles
Album "Hallelujah I Love You So" (1962)


Soulsation Disc 4


Lyrics / Paroles

I know you told me
Such a long time ago
That you didn't want me, baby, yeah
You didn't love me no more

But, I want to know somethin' yeah
What makes me be
I just wanna say, yeah, I just wanna say
I've been a fool for you baby

Jackson 5
I've been a fool

It's not you
It's not you want
It's not you you told me
I know it's something
Oh, what makes me be
I'm a fool for you
Ohoh, no, I'm a fool for you

Did ya ever wake up in the morning
Just about, just about the break of day
You reach over and feel the pillow
Where your baby used to lay
Then you put on your crying
Like you never cried before
Oh lord, yeah
I said you even cry so loud,
You give the blues to your neighbor next door, yeah, ooh
Ever since you were five years old
I been a fool for you, baby, yeah
Way down in my soul
I'm a little fool for ya

I know it must be something
You make me feel, I've been a fool for you, baby

Jackson 5
I've been a fool for you
I've been a fool
I've been a fool

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