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Jackson 5 love songs 2009

October 2000
Reissued August 2004
Motown / Universal Music 012 159 650 2

Jackson 5 | Anthology


Anthology version Original version

1. I Want You Back
Album version

anthology 2:58 diana ross presents 2:58

2. Who's Lovin' You
Album version

anthology 4:00 diana ross presents 4:01

3. ABC
Album version

anthology 2:57 abc 2:58

4. The Young Folks
Album version

anthology 2:53 abc 2:58

5. The Love You Save
Album version

anthology 3:02 abc 2:58

6. I Found That Girl
Album version

anthology 3:18 abc 2:56

7. I'll Bet You
Album version

anthology 3:15 abc 3:16

8. I'll Be There
Album version

anthology 3:57 third album 3:35

9. Goin' Back To Indiana
Album version

anthology 3:29 third album 3:30

10. Mama's Pearl
Album version

anthology 3:10 third album 3:01

11. Darling Dear
Album version

anthology 2:36 third album 2:38

12. Never Can Say Goodbye
Album version

anthology 2:59 maybe tomorrow2:56

13. Maybe Tomorrow
Album version

anthology 4:14 maybe tomorrow 4:46

14. It's Great To Be Here
Album version

anthology 3:10 maybe tomorrow 2:58

15. Sugar Daddy
Album version

anthology 2:32 greatest hits 2:34

16. I'm So Happy
Single version

anthology 2:46 2:40

17. Medley : Sing A Simple Song / Can You Remember
Live album version

anthology 2:06 motown at the hollywood palace 2:06

18. Doctor My Eyes
Album version

anthology 3:12 lookin through the windows 3:12

19. Little Bitty Pretty One
Album version

anthology 2:47 lookin through the windows 2:48

20. Lookin' Through The Windows
Album version

anthology 3:39 lookin through the windows 3:44

21. Love Song
Single version

anthology 3:25 3:15



Anthology version Original version

1. Corner Of The Sky
Album version

anthology 3:39 skywriter 3:30

2. Touch
Album version

anthology 2:59 skywriter 3:00

3. Hallelujah Day
Album version

anthology 2:46 skywriter 2:43

4. Daddy's Home
Live album version

anthology 5:26 live in japan 5:26

5. Get It Together
Album version

anthology 2:47 get it together 2:47

6. Hum Along And Dance
Album version

anthology 8:35 get it together 8:14

7. Mama I Got A Brand New Thing
Album version

anthology 7:11 get it together 7:14

8. It's Too Late To Change The Time
Album version

anthology 3:57 get it together 4:00

9. Dancing Machine
Album version

anthology 3:28 dancing machine 3:24

10. Whatever You Got, I Want
Album version

anthology 2:55 dancing machine 2:55

11. The Life Of The Party
Album version

anthology 2:33 dancing machine 2:33

12. I Am Love
Album version

anthology 7:27 dancing machine 7:30

13. All I Do Is Think Of You
Album version

anthology 3:11 moving violation 3:11

14. Forever Came Today
Album version

anthology 6:21 moving violation 6:25

15. We're Here To Entertain You
Album version

anthology 3:02 joyful jukebox music 3:02


En 2001, Motown (désormais distribué par Universal Music) publie cette troisième Anthology crédité sous le nom de Jackson 5. Après les précédentes au contenu relativement identique (parues en 1976, et 1986), Motown innove en proposant une tracklist qui a ravi les fans.

En effet, outre les succès remasterisés, ce double CD a le mérite de proposer
- le medley Medley : Sing A Simple Song / Can You Remember enregistré lors du concert "Motown at the Hollywood Palace", difficle à trouver sur CD,
- Love Song, jusqu'ici disponible uniquement sur la face B du 45 tours "Lookin' Through The Windows",
- I'm So Happy, face B de Sugar Daddy,
- Daddy's Home, en live paru sur le 33 tours "In Japan", sorti en 1973 au Japon,
- Dancing Machine, version longue.

Un must pour les fans.


"Michael Jackson still had some of his baby teeth when he first appeared on-stage with his brothers in Gary, Indiana. He was barely five years old, and the Jackson brothers were pre-teen prodigies in that northern steel town, but it was Michael's dynamism that catapulted them to worldwide acclaim. He was always a star. Jospeh and Katherine Jackson had nine children bteween 1950 and 1966. Joseph was a steel worker who had been a semi-professional musician. is three oldest sons. Jackie, Tito and Jermaine formed an R&B trio, and before long, Michael and Marlon were part of the act. They were known as The Ripples And Waves, and then the Jacksons. There were a few records for small local labels and some local television appearances and talent contests. Before long, the Jacksons were opening for major acts like the Temptations and Jackie Wilson. New Musical Express called Michael "The Sorcerer's Apprentice of Soul", studying at the feet of the great in Harlem's Apollo Theater. He observed closely, rehearsed more dedicatedly than his brothers, and realized early what it took to be a star. Jospeh Jackson sent many tapes to Tamla-Motown hoping for a contract, but their big break didn't come until July 1968 when the Jacksons opened for a Motown act, Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers. Taylor phoned Motown, telling president Berry Gordy that he had to see the Jacksons. Gordy wasn't present when they held their audition, but he arranged for it to be videotaped, and signed them as soon as he saw the tape. Motown needed some new blood. Gordy arranged for the Jacksons to move to Los Angeles, where he groomed them for a stardom. Michael always seemed to go solo. He had his own spot on a Diana Ross television special, and his first solo record, "Got To Be There", appeared in 1971 (25 years later, in an online interview, Michael still cited it among his favourite songs). He followed it with a revival o Bobby Day's "Rockin' Robin", which in turn was followed by "Ben", the themesong of a movie about a boy obsessed with rats. Some stations refused to play Ben, but it became Michael's first n° 1 American Hit and earned him an Oscar nomination. The follow-ups fared poorly in comparison. "With a child's Heart" stalled at n°50, and "We're Almost There" four slots lower than that. By 1975, Motown had released four Michael Jackson solo albums, but Michael knew that his days at the label were numbered. He had intense loyalty to Motown's Berry Gordy, whom he considered both a hero and the person who had brought them from steel moll town to superstardom, but Gordy's answers to Mochael's questions left him with no option to look elsewhere. We all know what happened next. These, though, are the great original recordings that introduced Michael Jackson to the world. 30 years on, their freshness and vitality remain undimmed. Michael Jackson was always a star."

Colin Escott.